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Fast Pain Relief
30-Day Money Back Garauntee
Zero-G Technology
More Mobility. Less Pain. More Life.

Are you suffering with back and knee discomfort?

Don't continue taking pills to mask the pain, attack the source of your pain. The JB Intensive Trainer has helped thousands reduce their pain naturally - it literally works within minutes!

A few minutes a day can help:

  • Relieve Knee Pain Reduce pressure while engaging muscles around the knee
  • Relieve Back Pain Engage the total core, create a pelvic tilt while reducing back pressure
  • Relieve Sciatica Pain Align the lower extremity
  • Prevent Over Compensation Forces correct body alignment
  • Increase Mobility Increase range of motion and gain youthful flexibility with simple movements
  • Decrease Risk of Falls Improve balance with simple walks

"The product is completely counterintuitive. At first examination, it would appear to put force across the knees, but because of the way its engineered, it actually takes pressure off the knees by evening out the load and making the legs work the way they're supposed to work"

Eric Nauman, Dir. of Purdue University's Human Injury Research and Regenerative Technologies Lab

Tens of thousands have put their trust in the JBIT

I had off and on knee pain for a few years and after using the JB Intensive Trainer I can now do things that I couldn’t do before and I am pain free ....THANK YOU JB!!!

Reverend David Allard Duplantier

God led me to the JB Intensive Trainer, with motivation and determination I am working toward complete healing. The pain is no longer unbearable. So I am your BIGGEST FAN Jonathan, praying for you daily that God will allow your device to bless someone else as it has blessed me. Thank You So Much!

Vennie Davis-Scott

After just a few steps I could feel a huge decrease in pain in my knee, it was amazing. Thanks a lot JB!

Order today and you will receive...

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Bonus #1

JBIT Instructional Digital Video Series

Jonathan takes you through the on boarding process to get familiar with your new JBIT

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Bonus #2

Boost Rehab+Fitness Program

30 minute online therapy sessions fed to your private dashboard each week for a full year. Sessions performed by a physical therapist

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Bonus #3

VIP Private Coaching

Ask any question you want and gain professional feedback with granted access to our private Facebook group

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VIP Access to our exclusive events

Receive the VIP treatment at any Jonathan Bender local or national health event

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  • Approved by Top Level University Research
  • Built with High-Comfort Materials
  • Provides Results in Minutes
  • Easy 6- Step Assembly
  • Approved Posture device by American Posture Institute

SIMPLE TO USE! Follow the steps

Attach Bands

Strap Under Chest

Hook Band To Ring

Experience Reduced Pain In Just Minutes

The JBIT allows you the ability to measure your progress with our 3 ring progression system. Work your way up this one size fits all system by starting with the white band on level 3, 2 and then 1. As your body heals and gains more strength you can then move up a color in band strength and start over at level 3.